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Monday, January 15, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

Cardinal Community School

February 19, 2018

Regular Meeting

High School Library

6:30 P.M.



I. Meeting Called to Order:

                        A. Roll call of Cardinal Board Members


II. Welcome Visitors and Guests:


III. Approval of Agenda: Add Item I. Under New Business (School Safety)

                        A. Items to add, delete, or change

 B. Motion to approve agenda


IV. Approval of Consent Agenda Items:

A. Secretary’s minutes of regular board meeting

                        B. Hot Lunch Report

                        C. Activity Account Reports

                        D. Monthly Financial Report

                        E. Monthly Invoices


V. Administrative Reports:

                        A. Financial Secretary’s Report

                        B. Elementary Principal’s Report  ~ Reading Data

            C. Middle School Principal’s Report ~ Reading Data

D. High School Principal’s Report  ~ Vision’s Alternative Program


VI. Superintendent’s Report

  1. Enrollment Update







VII.  Open Forum

 A. The board welcomes comments from the general public.  You are requested to sign in for the record, and to limit the time used to present your remarks to 2 or 3 minutes depending on the number of speakers who wish to address the board



VIII. Agenda

            Old Business


 New Business

  1. Accept Resignations, if any
  2. Approve Contracts, if any
  3. Approve Early Graduates
  4. First Reading Board Policies 501.16, 502.6, 503.1, 505.4, 505.8, 506.1, 200.1R1, 210.2, 302.2, 303.3, 405.3, 405.4, 405.9, 505.2, 603.2, 507.9, 710.1, 710.2 & 710.4
  5. Consider PE Waiver
  6. Consider Bus Purchase
  7. Approve 2018-2019 School Calendar
  8. Consider Teacher Shortage Area Stipends
  9. School Safety


IX. Meeting Adjournment