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Thursday, September 21, 2017 Regular/Organizational Meeting


Cardinal Community School

September 21, 2017

Organizational/Regular Meeting

21st Century Classroom

6:30 P.M.



I.         Meeting Called to Order:

            A.  Roll call of Cardinal Board Members


II.        Welcome to Visitors and Guests


III.      Approval of Agenda

            A.  Items to add, delete, or change in agenda order

            B.  Motion to approve agenda


IV.      Approval of Consent Agenda Items:

A.  Secretary’s minutes of Special Meeting (8/4/2017), Regular Meeting (8/21/2017) and Joint Meeting with Eldon City Council (8/21/2017)

            B.   End of Year Financial Report

            C.   Hot Lunch Report

              D.  Activity Account Reports

              E.  Monthly Financial Report

              F.  Monthly Invoices

             G. Approve School Board Election Canvass


V.       Adjourn


VI.      Annual Organizational Meeting Call to Order & Action Items

            A.   Oath of Office for Newly Elected Board Members

            B.   Elect President of the Board (School Board Secretary Presiding)

            C.  Oath of office to Newly Elected President of the Board

            D.   Elect Vice-President of the Board (New President Presiding)

            E.  Oath of Office to Newly Elected Vice-President of the Board

            F.  Set time & place of Regular meetings

            G.          Appoint IASB Legislative Network Member


VII.     Meeting Called to Order:

            A. Roll call of Cardinal Board Members


VIII.   Administrative Reports

  1. SEAL Presentation
  2. Open Enrollment Discussion


IX.      Open Forum

            The Board welcomes comments from the general public.  You are requested to sign in for the record,

and to limit the time used to present your remarks to 2 or 3 minutes depending on the number of speakers who wish to address the board.




X.       Old Business:


            New Business:

            A.   Accept Resignations, if any

            B.   Approve Contracts, if any

C.    Request Allowable Growth Request for Special Education Deficit ($173,634.83)

D.   Consider Welding Classroom Upgrade

E.   Consider Approving Lease of Clinic Building in Eldon

F.   Set Dates for Work Sessions

G.    Consider Baseball & Softball Facility Upgrades                                                  


XI.      Adjournment