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President, Tim Albert
Term Ends 11/2021


Vice President, Mike Kayser
Term Ends 11/2023


Board Member, Andy Noe
Term Ends 11/2021


Board Member, Tom Drish
Term Ends 11/2023


Board Member, Carol Streeby
Term Ends 11/2023



School Board Secretary, Karen Sieren
641-652-7531 ext 3260


CFO/SBO, Robin Leonard
641-652-7531 ext 3207


When to Contact your School Board Members
School board members are elected to represent the interest of all parents and district residents; therefore, you should always feel free to share your point of view.

School board members do not, however, have direct authority in day to day operations. All authority is the result of official actions by a majority of the board at meetings open to the public.

The board's primary responsibility is to make policies that guide the school district. Any change in policy requires two readings at two separate public meetings, a procedure that often takes two or more months.

Some policy changes may require substantial public input and consultation with the school district's attorney, often increasing the time required for the board to respond.

When to contact a board member:

  • After other means to solve a problem have been tried.
  • When a policy is being enforced but you believe it results in bad consequences.
  • When you believe a policy isn't being enforced.
  • When policies or procedures are not enforced fairly for all.

A Board Member may take one or all the following actions:

  • Informally discuss the issue with the superintendent or other administrators to consider whether rules or policies could be changed.
  • Request the board review the specific policies that relate to the situation.
  • Propose new policies for the board's consideration.