This policy manual contains the policies of the board of directors of the Cardinal Community School District.  Policy development is a dynamic, ongoing process.  New problems, issues, and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones.  The use of a loose-leaf manual is to make it easier to keep the policy manual up-to-date.

Each person holding a copy of this manual has a duty to keep the manual current as new and revised policies are distributed by the central administration office.


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Cardinal Community School

March 27,2017

Regular Meeting/21st Century Classroom

6:30 P.M.


I.     Meeting Called to Order:

            A.  Roll call of Cardinal Board Members


II. Welcome to Visitors and Guests:


III.  Approval of Agenda:

            A.  Items to add, delete, or change in agenda order

            B.  Motion to approve agenda 


IV. Approval of Consent Agenda Items:

A. Secretary’s minutes of regular meeting (2/20/2017

            B. Hot Lunch Report

            C. Activity Account Reports

            D. Monthly Financial Report

E. Monthly Invoices


V. Administrative Reports:

            A.  Financial Secretary’s Report



            B.  Elementary Principal’s Report:

                        1. Preschool & Kindergarten Round-Up

                        2. After School Reading Program


            C. Secondary Principal’s Report:

                       1. Scanapalooza ~ Mrs. Piper


            D.   Curriculum Director’s Report

                        1. Instructional Coach Presentation


VI. Superintendent’s Report:


VII.  Public Hearing to Amend the FY17 Budget


VIII. Public Hearing to Adopt the FY18 Budget


IX. Open Forum

The Board welcomes comments from the general public.  You are requested to sign in for 

the record, and to limit the time used to present your remarks to 2 or 3 minutes depending 

on the number of speakers who wish to address the board


X Agenda


            Old Business:


            New Business: 

                        A. Accept, Resignations, if any

                        B. Approve Contracts, if any 

                        C. 1st Reading Wellness Policy

                        D. Consider Lawn Mower Purchase

E. Interfund Transfer from SAVE fund 33 to Capital Project Fund 31

F. Amend the FY17 Budget

G. Adopt the FY18 Budget

H. Consider Locker Purchase


XI.     Meeting Adjournment





Start Time: 
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 05:00
End Time: 
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 05:00
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