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The Cardinal Community School District’s Board of Directors hereby allows the district to maintain a bank credit card for proper use by employees. Only those purchases that would normally be eligible for operating, activity or nutrition account purchases are to be made with the credit card.

The Superintendent, board secretary and superintendent secretary may use the school credit card to pay for the actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of work-related duties. The credit card is to be used primarily for those types of purchases normally encountered in travel. Purchase orders and school warrants are to be used whenever possible instead of the credit card. Typical expenses may include lodging, meals, contracted transportation, registrations, supplies and materials.


The purpose of the credit card is to expedite necessary, bona fide district expenses, not develop a line of credit. Therefore the amount charged to the credit card account will be paid in full each month subject to the normal board auditing and allowances of the claims.




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Approved Oct/Nov 2010                    

Reviewed October 2016