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710.8 Lunch Balance Policy

The Child Nurtition Program operates as a separate entity and a stand-alone non-profit business supporting the total education of each child through the provision of nutritional meals. The program goal is to serve nutritious meals and food to all clients at a minimum cost.                                                        

Students who are required to pay for meals are expected to provide payment in a timely fashion. However, the school board recognizes that on occasion students may need to charge a meal. Therefore, each student is allowed $10.00 meal charges. Students may not charge a la carte items. In addition, students may not purchase a la carte items if there are outstanding charges. Daily emails will be provided to allow parents/guardians to know their lunch balances. Parents/guardians can also call Heather Smith at 641-652-7531 ext 3257 to inquire about lunch balances.

Once a $10.00 negative balance has been noted, an alternate meal consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit or vegetable and a carton of milk will be provided. Students and school staff may prepay in the cafeteria or pay at the time of purchase. School staff may charge up to $6.00. Staff members must also pay for any extra food purchases to comply with Federal Nutrition guidelines. Visitors are not allowed to charge. Parents/guardians can also prepay on our school website under food service.

The district is committed to helping families in time of crisis and in assisting with filing free/reduced lunch documentation. Information can be found on our website and also by contacting Heather Smith at 641-652-7531 ext 3257. Families that have unique circumstances should contact the Superintendent to discuss the concern. It is the discretion of the Superintendent to adjust the policy above in a case-by-case situation.


Approved                                           Reviewed January/February 2017                Revised February 2017