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Because technology is a vital part of the school district curriculum, the Internet will be made available to employees and students.  Appropriate and equitable use of the Internet will allow employees and students to access resources unavailable through traditional means.

Students will be able to access the Internet wirelessly from most locations in or around the school campus.  Filters will be in use to help screen inappropriate materials/websites.  Filters are not foolproof and will only allow for a certain amount of protection.  Internet use in the classroom will be monitored by their teachers.  Individual student accounts and electronic mail addresses will be issued to students.  If a student already has an electronic mail address, the student will not be permitted to use that address to send and receive mail at school.  Student email accounts assigned by the school are subject to auditing and can be monitored by school administration at anytime for any reason.  Revocation or limitations of student email accounts can be made on an as needed basis as a result of misuse or misconduct by the student at the discretion of the principal or superintendent.  Students are expected to use the to send and receive e-mail while at school.

The Internet can provide a vast collection of educational resources for students and employees.  It is a global network which makes it impossible to control all available information.  Because information appears, disappears and changes constantly, it is not possible to predict or control what students may locate.  The school district makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of information received on the Internet.  It is not possible to constantly monitor individual students and what they are accessing on the network.  Student(s) found to be accessing inappropriate sites will be disciplined.  Some students might encounter information that may not be of educational value.  Student Internet records and access records are confidential records treated like other student records.  Students Internet activities will be monitored by the school district to ensure students are not accessing inappropriate sites that have visual depictions that include obscenity, child pornography or are harmful to minors.  The school district will use technology protection measure to protect students from inappropriate access.

Employees and students will be instructed on the appropriate use of the Internet.  Parents will be required to sign a permission form to allow their students to access the Internet while at school.  Students will sign a form acknowledging they have read and understand the Internet Acceptable Use policy and regulations, that they will comply with the policy and regulations and understand the consequences for violation of the policy or regulations.

If a student has intentionally violated the Students Internet Policy they are subject to the appropriate disciplinary action described in the school's discipline policy, student handbook, or other regulations.  The principal or superintendent will determine the penalty for the student depending upon the offense, which could include permanent revocation of Internet usage at school.


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Cross References:       

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Approved     July 2000                       

Reviewed   November 2016       

Revised     Feb. 8, 2010