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The board will cooperate with post-secondary educational institutions to assist in the practical preparation of teachers and other licensed employee positions. Student teachers and other student interns may be assigned duties in the school district.


Licensed employees shall not be required to utilize student teachers or student interns. Experienced teachers and teachers in good standing may be allowed to have student teachers or student interns.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to make arrangements with the post-secondary educational institutions for student teachers and student internships. Such arrangements shall safeguard the interest of the student teachers and student interns, the post-secondary educational institution and the school district.


It shall be the responsibility of the post-secondary educational institution to provide sufficient supervision over the work of these student teachers to make their presence profitable.





Legal Reference:         

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Cross Reference:        

904      Public Participation in the School District



Approved July 2000                          Reviewed Sept/Oct 2015                               Revised