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A gathering of a majority of board members in which deliberation of an issue within the jurisdiction of the board takes place is a board meeting.  A gathering for the purpose of social or ministerial action will not constitute a board meeting unless a discussion of policy takes place.  Meetings of the board will be conducted in an open meeting unless a closed session is authorized by law or the meeting is exempt from the open meetings law.


Legal Reference:         

Iowa Code §§ 21, 279.1-.2 (2013).

1982 Op. Att'y Gen. 162.

1980 Op. Att'y Gen. 167.



Cross Reference:        

208      Ad Hoc Committees

210      Board of Directors' Meetings

 210.8   Board Meeting Agenda

212      Closed Sessions



Approved July 2000                           Reviewed June/July 2016                Revised